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The Theory of Automation


Infusionsoft Core Concepts


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Master Infusionsoft Approaches

The Fastest Way for You (& Your Business) To Learn How to Use Infusionsoft Through Easy to Watch Videos!

  Discover how to get better results from Infusionsoft faster, automate your business and free yourself to focus on what really matters in your life. I'm told by people time and time again that this video series contains the most important lessons they've learned about Infusionsoft and  finally allowed them to unlock the real power of Automation (& Infusionsoft) to start producing amazing results for their business.

What You'll Discover In This First FREE Infusionsoft Course:

  • How to Efficiently Automate w/ Infusionsoft
    Learn how to use Infusionsoft's automation tools and  how to efficiently use them for your business.
  • The Most Important Infusionsoft Lessons We've Learned After Using Infusionsoft for 10+ Years
    The software will keep changing and new features will come. These lessons will always stay true.
  • A Quickstart Lesson On Using Infusionsoft
     Whether your an absolute beginner or Infusionsoft veteran,  this will start to show you how to unlock the real power of your Infusionsoft app for your business.
  • Secret Ingredients to Success With Infusionsoft
    Get Micah's secret ingredients for success with Infusionsoft to start producing better results, faster.
  • Discover What Order to Automate Your Business In By Following These Key Concepts
    See how you can use these concepts to efficiently automate your business and Infusionsoft application. 
  • The Theory of Automating with Infusionsoft
    Find out how use Infusionsoft like top marketers and transform the way you use and approach Infusionsoft to achieve real results with minimal effort.

What Others Are Saying About MMMastery Infusionsoft Training After Going Through the Course...

Dobbin Buck
VP of Business Development at Getuwired

“I can attribute my successes to having a strong foundation in campaign development strategy, which really I got from Micah Mitchell. He was kind enough to provide me with access to one of his early membership sites and I poured through every mind map and every video that he created.

It really jumpstarted my ability to effectively develop campaigns for my clientele. I can’t say enough if there was a singular individual that has influenced the way I do strategy, it's certainly Micah Mitchell.” (‘aka MMMastery training’)

Bob Britton
Entrepreneur and Past 'Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer' of the Year

"I've used Micah's training extensively to train my staff. I think it's some of the best training that's available anywhere.

He really understands how to master Infusionsoft from the standpoint of how to make you money.

Micah is the guy that i go to If i need something explained in the simplest possible way that anyone can understand, he's the one that can do that.

Micah's training and his MMMastery program is simply the best that there is."

Heath Waters
Owner of TennisTechnique.com

"Needless to say I am thrilled with the results of my launch, the expertise and the speed by which Micah executes my vision plans. On top of all of this Micah teaches you step-by-step the ins and outs of both the how's and why's of what he does in real time, so that you, the entrepreneur can implement and take action after working with him.

I highly recommend Micah Mitchell's services to anyone who desires the highest quality of work in the shortest amount of time for your Infusionsoft and membership site needs."

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