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Campaign Builder Video Notes

In this video I show you how to do two things that will apply to a majority of infusionsoft businesses out there.

  • How to setup a product you sell online through the campaign builder
  • How to setup a service you sell online through the campaign builder

First you set up where your traffic is coming from to start the campaign. Whether that be when a contact requests information by filling out a infusionsoft web form, or when a certain tag is applied to a contact can start them in the campaign by selecting the correct goal option.

Once a lead fills out a web form, or a specific tag is applied to their record, you can chain in a double opt in (which you can require them to click to get whatever resources they requested), followed by started a email follow up sequence. You can add these two options by dragging and dropping them from the sequence section in the campaign builder.

You can make the follow up email sequence anything you want and can chain in as many emails as you want until they buy or complete the email sequence you created.

Once they buy your product, or service, you can then chain in a fulfillment sequence by dragging another sequence that will automatically deliver to them what they had purchased. Whether that be a physical product, digital download, online membership or service.

Another option you have in the campaign builder is for inbound leads that call in. A sales rep or yourself talk to someone on the phone and get their information. After they call in what you would do is enter their information into Infusionsoft and create an opportunity.

To start the campaign sequence all you need to do is apply the correct note template to a leads record. Once that note is applied a follow up sequence can be chained in after that can include some nurture emails, and can automatically schedule future tasks for one of your reps to follow up with that lead after a certain date.

Another option is to add an opportunity using the sales pipeline in Infusionsoft, I won’t go into that now but will cover it in later videos.

In addition to just adding a follow up sequence you can also add a automated fulfillment sequence once the inbound phone lead ends up making a purchase. The fullfillment sequence is added just by dragging a ‘sequence’ from the campaign builder menu and adding the appropriate actions to deliver your service to the customer.

This can be used to fulfill any type of service, legal services, procurement services, consulting or anytype of online service.

This shows you how to setup a simple sales campaign from start to finish using the campaign builder.


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