Infusionsoft Mastery Live in Portland – Event Details

Learn Infusionsoft from Me,
Make Money for YOU!

You’re really going to enjoy it up in Portland at the end of the summer.

NOT ONLY HAS INFUSIONSOFT CHANGED, so has the landscape of the market & internet marketing itself.

Infusionsoft Mastery Live August 26-28, 2011 is going to bring it all together and get you going on the right track even if you’re not moving yet!

On a personal note, my goal is to Help Infusionsoft Users Process 1 Billion Dollars Using Infusionsoft for it’s users. I mean my material personally affecting that change.

So come and FEAST on no-nonsense training completely geared at generating sustaining revenue for you and your company.

My old training was on Infusionsoft, my new training is on Making Money with Infusionsoft. I’m sure YOU can see the difference 😉


The event is not free, it’s incredibly powerful and includes homework, access to this library for 6 months and much more including some ridiculous surprises.



Tickets on Sale Now!