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    Oh my gosh, a favorite sandwich? I love sandwiches too, it’s so hard to pick one. I guess I would have to go with a french dip sandwich. A close second would have to be a grilled PB&J with homemade peanut butter

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    I've somtimes amused myself by thinking how easy it would be to set up an anti-racism charity, taking a Tim Wise-style message into eager to be abused schools and businesses but arguing for objective measures of racism – leaving the audience to find out for itself just who's on the receiving end of most racism today.

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    Too late. Walked by this afternoon and they alr started work to dismantle the rail tracks. Lucky for us they did not remove the Jurong Line tracks for years; no decades.

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    well… we think there is a role for government assistance but we agree that program X needs to be looked at as doing more harm than good. I am optimistic that Jonathon Reyes will be different. Even those of good will however may have made assumptions that to care for the poor means supporting any government program that targets them. This is no more logical than saying that any drug designed to treat condition X, will benefit that condition without a rigorous evaluation of the actual effect.

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    to be 'aspirating' (not breathing). But today when we say "inpire" we think of things like love and poetry and art in the sense that one who is "inspired" is influenced by some outside source. I would argue the only reason we use the word inspired in that way is because Paul used it in this one phrase. Although, the idea may have been developing I think that the current meaning of the word "inspired" actually was influenced by the English usage of the Latin based on a literal translation of the Greek. Neat huh?

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    Happy New Year CW,Hmm…predicting 2007 events for you…* Still dry here* No more blogger upgrades, but google dominating the online applications world* House sold for a record amount* Another move* More travel* Three more major speaking engagements* Baubles sailing smoothly* More bloggers meetups..maybe even Perth librarian bloggers???* More surprises.* Curating an exhiition of fountain pensHope it all goes well for you.More bloggingStill dry

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    Elke Schgerne empfohlen und mal wieder dabei Fan bin ich auch geworden vom Monsterzeug ;o)Und gewinnen würde ich unwahrscheinlich gerne die Popcorn-Maschine, diese möchte ich schon lang haben – kommt gleich hinter einer Zuckerwatte-Maschine, die ich noch einen Tick lieber hätte Finde aber alle Gewinne einzigartig!Liebe Grüße zur NachtElke

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    1c4I wished to know one thing. If anyone is not able to clear IIT, does his life or labor stands nowhere in front of those who manage to do so? Does it becomes a certainty that he’ll not or never do better than an IIT graduate?I’m asking this although I cleared IIT, but couldn’t manage a good rank as yours.

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    My celiac wife loved these and now they are gone. Very unfair that she can’t find anything SAFE to eat at Starbucks. We travel frequently and many other countries are so accommodating to the gluten intolerant. Bad marketing decision due to poor training I think. Better strategy would solve the problem and create a market that is still untapped.

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    sono rimasto abb deluso dal film: va bene il delirio visivo, il piacere degli occhi (che è poi il nome del mio blog) e la bellezza delle immagini, ma in fondo la storia l’abbiamo già vista e rivista un migliaio di volte: perchè non abbinare a questi mezzi tecnologici così straordinari una storia di maggior livello? ps: vieni a dare un’occhiata alla mia recensione sul mio blog se ti va!

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    Point of order:The documents were not illegaly obtained. They were not protected by a court order as was the case in your link's article. The documents are public information to anyone willing to go to Washington, DC Superior Court and ask the clerk for copies of them. You would definitely have to chalk it up to those "mysterious media internals" as the reason why the story had not been heard about in the first place, however.

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    Sorry, hit the submit too soon.Anyway, two of the three women I’ve ever been head over heels for have made an Exit Stage Left in my life. The other one has me so firmly entrenched in the Friend Zone I’ve bought property.I dunno. It’s a tough one.

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    Paul, I’m no soothsayer but after spending only one day with you, I just know your children will feel the love and admiration for you that I feel about my father. You are one of those dear, delightful, and engaged parents that every kid hopes for,

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    C’est la première fois que j’entends quelqu’un dire qu’il n’y a pas de suspense dans code geass. Oo Comme quoi tout le monde ne perçois pas les choses de la même façon. Car pour ma part j’ai arrêté mitsudomoe au second épisode. J’ai trouvé que ça n’avait aucun intérêt, que l’humour était lourd et répétitif, et quand plus c’était un truc lolicon wtf.

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    Visited the Fat duck last Saturday. Not only is the food wonderful the service and everything about the whole experience is excellent. Great attention to detail. Looking at the prices you would think it is expensive but for what you get I would say it is great value for money. Well worth saving up for. An experience of a lifetime. Favourite course the Moss/Truffle combo. The most amazing thing I have ever eaten.

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    August 15, 2012  2:16 pm by brooklyn Mad Dragon249;44637 wrote: Killzone!!!!!!!!!!! =3^ Fuck yeah! scatigno wrote: I hope Sony don’t announce that the Vita PS Plus subscription will be separate from the PS3 one. Fuck paying another £40 a year.Fuck no! 😆 :lol:Killzone has my interest the most. Dem graphix son!Also really looking forward to sonic racing(after burner and outrun levels FTW!) and Need for speed most wanted.

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    Personnel is Policy. Anybody who thinks that a President Romney appoints an AG, a Sec.Def., A Sec.Treas. or any SCOTUS Justice comparable to who a President Romney appoints, speak up now or forever shut your yap.

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    la gggggente non parte a cambiare se stessi, il modo di pensare, di interpretare, di giudicare la realtà non cambierà mai nulla…solo cose esterioriLo stesso Krishnamurti diceva decenni fa che le rivoluzioni esteriori non servono a nulla, che tanto al posto di una certa classe politica o di casta (era in India) si sarebbe messa un'altra classe che magari sottometteva gli altri.Tutte stè cose qui sono perfettamente inutili.

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    My Dad particulary likes the scene in Jolly Boys, where Del, Rodney and Albert leave the cozy B&B after being made a fool of by Micky Pearcs, Denzil and Jevon, where Del nicks Jevon’s roast spud and scoffs it down, while Albert suddenly scares off the cat. For me, the Vicars hat scene is very clever.

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    – I remember your Grandpa standing poolside cheering you all on at swim meets…he was beaming with pride at how hard you all swam….I loved talking to him because he reminded me of my Dad who was also from New York! You all were blessed with a great grandpa….thanks for sharing his last days with us…


    Thank you for sharing this Nicole, I feel many of us have experienced empty relationships and many of us are still learning what it is to be in a true relationship, first beginning with our relationship with ourselves. I enjoyed the way you expressed in the end that you still enjoy doing things such as eating out or going away somewhere only now in appreciation rather then distraction. We are so worth appreciating!!


    Csalagútban az angolok továbbra is listavezetők, ez igaz! Olyan alagút viszont, ami hosszában pontosan megegyezik az előtte álló híddal, következőleg esőben oda betolható, csak 1 van a világon. Vajon melyik az?


    If he is a starter at NT I agree. DE is not a concern this high unless we let someone go from the current rotation. Ratliff needs a quality backup. I like OL best at this pick. If not that, take Kyle Wilson, Philly needs a safety not a CB. Truthfully, unless we completely whiff on OL guys we can’t screw up this draft for next year. However, a bad draft here could really hurt us down the road.


    I just couldn’t depart your website before suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard info an individual supply on your visitors? Is gonna be back incessantly in order to investigate cross-check new posts


    Admiring the dedication you put into your site and detailed information you present. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Excellent read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.


    Yes, I have tried a couple of purple ones–I have not yet tried one of any color that I did not like. The Mountain Rose was good–it will be interesting to see how the color and shape compares to the Red Thumb Fingerling I planted this year as well.


    Interesting to see how many blind people that lives on this earth. Why be negative to something so great, so widely loved like Parkour. Open your eyes! U can't say a negative thing about Parkour while sitting in your computer chair. Get out there! Experience it! If u then don't like it. Tell me about it huh!!!

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    Nice collection here. This is exactly what we did when starting up our site – took a relatively simple base, and then modded the heck out of it. 3 years later…it’s still an evolving work in progress. Thanks for these.

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    Trees, wonderful trees. You have done them justice above plus more.. My two favorites are the stained glass bent trees and the Grand Teton fish eye tree. But I must confess to liking them all. “A Guide to Tree Blurs” coming soon

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    “Dutch is easy: you just put your lips together and blow — and then cough up some phlegm.”Any “grr!” or “pffft” I leave here is probably just going to be used as evidence…

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    Sorry Micheal, but as I’ve mentioned before on this blog Darwin was not a racist. He was very much for the abolishment of slavery, much like his father and grandfather. The captain of the Beagle (the ship on which Darwin voyaged) was not only a Biblical literalist and staunch Christian, but he was very much pro-slavery (one of the reasons why the two men, who were for a time good friends, had a later falling out). The captain eventually committed suicide (which is a sin, if I am not mistaken).

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    Wow. Just wow. Hazell goes 5-for-20 with 2 assists last night and now in Gonzo’s eyes he’s Jason Kidd, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson rolled into one? Yeesh.

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    I saw a couple of entries in the Help Forum area about playlists not being in alpha order anymore. Is there any ETA on getting this returned to normal? This is the second time in the last few months when a change was made and it took away some basic playlist functionality. Please try to test updates more diligently in the future. If you need volunteers to test updates before they go public in the future, I'd be glad to assist!

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    Whew, what a day!! And this was a good one!! 😉 Made me tired just reading it….but gave me an idea for my own blog.BTW, I do think those are Borlotti beans…they are just a tad different than Pintos.Love you!! You are doing well to handle all that in one day XOXOXOXOMom

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    This thread is a perfect example of how folks, even when they are winning, are willing to be sidetracked if not derailed by something like West Virgina. As for the piling on about West Virginians, let me remind you about illiterate DeShawn and DeWayne standing on the corner in their baggy pants sling drugs with no future whatsoever. Pot, meet kettle.


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    My Rage IS on…. cuz you couldn't wait to post this next week like everyone else!!!!Still though, great drawing man. I must be the most featured character on this bloody blog at this stage.

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    I was toying with the idea of colouring my hair purple… that I’ve seen yours I’m going ahead!! Major inspiration and it look GREAT on you!! Rock on my purple hair sista, lol!!!

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